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Houghton-le-Spring Heritage

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[NEW] 29/10/2012
Updated and printable article about the Gilpin Coat of Arms as adopted by Houghton-le-Spring.
[NEW] 21/10/2012
Updated and printable article about the White Lady and other ghosts of Houghton Hall.
[NEW] 15/09/2012
Houghton Feast Edition. The 7th consecutive issue of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Featuring articles about: the new Houghton Feast logo; Houghton Feast 2012 highlights; Fletcher's Fruit & Vegetable shop at 65 Newbottle Street; Who Do You Think You Are family tree quests; Well Done Mr Houghton Feast; and more!
[NEW] 13/09/2012
Words and phrases from the colliery village of Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham.
12/09/2012 20:28
Newbottle Street directory updated with details of the various Woolworth stores, including a painting of the original shop frontage around 1963.
03/09/2012 20:04
Members of Houghton Heritage Society have renamed Good Grub Cafe's menu with names featuring a Houghtonian twist.
27/08/2012 16:30
Updated with new residents for Houghton's old street, Church Street
23/08/2012 18:54
Article about the demolished Holmelands Estate, Sunnside, Houghton-le-Spring.
[NEW] 19/08/2012
Details of garages featuring plaques from the Houghton Urban District Council (HUDC) Ratings Department.
16/08/2012 18:45
Article about Bernard Gilpin and how Houghton adopted his family crest featuring the Wild Boar of Westmorland.
09/08/2012 18:45
Article about the installation of an illuminated clock in the church tower.
[NEW] 01/08/2012
Details of the 2012 Heritage Walk and exhibitions as part of the Heritage Open Days (HODS) event, Thursday September 6th - Saturday September 8th 2012.
01/08/2012 18:45
Article about the development of Mautland Square on Mautland Street in 1969.
[NEW] 28/07/2012
New cardcraft activity in the Houghton Heritage School Zone - build and decorate an Olympic-themed miners' safety lamp.
26/07/2012 18:45
Article about Houghton's pleasure boating Lake which was filled in and became a showground for Houghton Feast.
[NEW] 22/07/2012
Details of the Children's Fun Day plus pick up your free Houghton Heritage activity pack for the kids at our stalls!
18/07/2012 18:45
Article about Houghton Lodge banner at the Durham Miners' Gala 2012 and a look at Houghton's seven colliery banners.
11/07/2012 18:45
Article about the Davenport & Lilburne Almshouses - 1960s v 2012.
08/07/2012 19:40
Event Report for the mega-successful Homelands Estate Diamond Jubilee Party - please take the time to read the names of the brilliant helpers!
21/06/2012 18:45
Article on Houghton's 53 pubs and clubs, the four Lion pubs and a list of pubs/clubs.
14/06/2012 18:45
Article about the four crests upon the Parish Church archway, published June 14th 2012.
07/06/2012 18:45
Article about the Diamond Jubilee Time Capsule, published June 7th 2012.
06/06/2012 00:01
The Houghton Colliery Remembered Time Line has been updated with details of the pit's ponies and other happenings.
[NEW] 31/05/2012
Article about the George V Coronation Bonfire, published May 31st 2012.
[NEW] 30/05/2012
Diamond Jubilee Edition. The 7th consecutive issue of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Featuring articles about: our Honourary President; the Golden Queen; Royal signatures on display in Houghton; article on Mautland Square; Houghton Church Tower graffiti; and more!
27/05/2012 17:31
Sunderland St directory updated with more residents and occupants from the Censuses and old advertisements.
[NEW] 20/05/2012
A miner's memento of his dead pit pony from Houghton Colliery, 1910.
19/05/2012 21:39
Time line about the old brewery maltings on Durham Road has been updated.
07/05/2012 15:21
Details added about the erection of the lych gate archway next to the Cemetery Lodge on Sunderland Street.
[NEW] 01/05/2012
Houghton Heritage Society is interring a Time Capsule in commemoration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
[NEW] 25/04/2012
Details of the Homelands Estate Diamond Jubilee Party which is being held on Bank Holiday Monday June 4th 2012.
[NEW] 22/04/2012
A house-by-house guide to the houses and shops on Mautland Street and later Mautland Square (1969-2001)
14/04/2012 21:08
The page about Houghton's First World War memorial has been updated with new images and addition information about the Cenotaph.
[NEW] 12/04/2012
Issue 6 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Featuring articles about: our new Patron; the missing Gilpin Thorn; photos of Houghton Big Club and Fish's grocery store; a mystery solved; mining memorial vandalised by metal thieves; and more!
12/04/2012 17:02
Page about ollectible treasures relating to Houghton updated with details of small glass etched to commemorate the explosion at Houghton Pit in 1850.
10/04/2012 16:39
Details and photographs of newly logged plaques and tablets from Houghton, Dubmire, Lambton Lane and Herrington Burn added, including: Bank Head Methodist Church, Lambton Miners' Hall, Philadelphia Miners' Welfare Institute and Joicey Aged Miners' Homes.
[NEW] 10/04/2012
Davenport and Lilburne Almshouses, accommodation for the poor, located behind the Parish Church.
09/04/2012 21:25
Updated Time line with Census details and further alumni.
08/04/2012 14:58
The 2009 article on the Homelands Estate and Sunniside Mining Settlement has been re-written and expanded, along with new images.
[NEW] 07/04/2012
The report of the tragic and sad death of 6 year old Horace Kay, killed in one of the first motor car accidents in 1924.
07/04/2012 19:06
More photographs added, including: Captain Robert Hutton's tomb (now missing) and Houghton Social Club in Houghton Hall, 1919. The Time Line has also been updated with more significant events in the history of Houghton Hall.
07/04/2012 16:54
Conclusion to the mystery of the Infants Tomb, which was moved into the churchyard c1858.
[NEW] 06/04/2012
A Passion Play was held at Houghton Hillside Cemetery on Good Friday April 6th 2012.
[NEW] 03/04/2012
Names of the select few who have had the privelege of carving the Houghton Feast ox roast more than once!
[NEW] 01/04/2012
Download your copy of the Houghton-le-Spring Rectory: A Walk Around the Grounds booklet, which features photographs and information, including: the Rectory's Fire Mark, the Council Chamber, the Gilpin Thorn, walled piscinae, recent demolitions, the Rose Garden, the bandstand, and more!
[NEW] 21/03/2012
Download your copy of the Houghton Heritage Trail map and take it with you on a walk around historic Houghton. This is a free downloadable printable.
22/01/2011 15:22
Can you help these folk with their Family Tree and ancestor quests? New genealogical quests added!
04/04/2012 08:40
Today is the c428th anniversary of Bernard Gilpin's death, and also the 20th anniversary since Peter Tate tried to rescue the Gilpin Thorn legend. Sadly his seedlings were felled in Spring 2011, so today the Gilpin Thorn article has been updated with details of its siblings.
26/02/2012 11:09
This unusual article from 2010 has been updated with memories of the Park toilets' predecessor, the urinals behind the Britannia pub, being Christened to 'God Save the King'
24/02/2012 00:02
The Workhouse Time Line has been updated with extra years. Photographs of Heath House Hostel in the 1960s will be added over the weekend.
[NEW] 20/02/2012
Past copies of the Parish Church Magazine, now known as Sign Post.
17/03/2011 13:05
As the 429th anniversary since Bernard Gilpin died approaches, his section on the Houghton Heritage website has been updated.
[NEW] 16/02/2012
Details of the small grave and memorial of Little Bijou, Rector John Grey's pet dog who was interred in the Rectory grounds in March 1878.
16/02/2012 10:27
Water fountain page updated with details of the abandoned water feature near the Broadway entrance to the Park.
[NEW] 09/02/2012
Issue 5 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Featuring articles about: Greenhow: End of an Era; the new NHS PCC; Family Tree Quests; Post Bag: Feedback; Houghton Feast 2011 Photos; Houghton Urban District Council photo; Memories from Elizabeth Porter; The Tragic Death of Horace Kay Jnr; Obituaries for Elizabeth Porter and George Westgarth; and more!
[NEW] 08/02/2012
Information and photographs relating to Houghton Colliery's seven banners. No 5 is currently on display in Wetherspoon's Wild Boar in Houghton.
29/01/2012 14:00
Opening dedication plaque from Houghton Methodist Church, Mautland Street, 1980, and St Michael's RC Church, Durham Road, 2002, added to the lineup of plaques and dedication stones, along with the 1991 plaque on the Kepier Hall, which was opened by the Bishop of Durham.
15/01/2012 23:26
Details of the commemorative colliery lamps which were presented to Houghton's churches following the closure of Houghton Pit in 1981.
14/01/2011 15:11
The article on the Church Clock has been updated with names of those who donated money plus the amounts. Was your ancestor one of the generous donors?
[NEW] 08/01/2012
Article on the old Greenhows hardware store at 79 Newbottle Street, which has recently been converted into a pizza outlet.
[NEW] 08/01/2012
The Pottery Yard house-by-house guide has been removed from the Newbottle Street body and placed onto a page of its own. It has recently been updated with new entries.
[NEW] 03/01/2012
The Wheatleys of Houghton-le-Spring
Linden Travers and George Wheatley
The Wheatleys of Houghton-le-Spring: The Sweet Success of a Family - an online booklet looking at Crimean War veteran and confectioner, George Wheatley, and his great-granddaughter, British actress, Linden Travers.
[NEW] 24/12/2011
A house-by-house guide to Nesham Place, known as Quality Hill, featuring some of Houghton's oldest remaining properties.
[NEW] 23/12/2011
New recipes added, including: Yorkshire Puddings by Rebecca Scott; and Porridge Biscuits by Harry Smith.
21/12/2011 14:33
The following articles/time lines/Census entries have been updated: Houghton Burn & Boating Lake; Houghton Feast Time Line; Church Street; Newbottle Street; and Sunderland Street.
[NEW] 05/12/2011
Names of those pupils entered in the Houghton-le-Spring Grammar School Book of Honour which was presented to the school by the Old Scholars' Association to record Outstanding Achievement - Civic or Academic - or Heroism, 1926 to 1969.
01/12/2010 08:00
Section for all your Houghton Christmas needs and ideas, including Christmas cards, gifts, and calendars! PLUS links to Houghton's churches, for details of Christmas Fayres, Church services and masses.
[NEW] 12/11/2011
Time line about the old brewery on Durham Road, now apartments. The buildings dates from circa 1874 and in more recent years was known as the Aries Club, the Bird's Nest, Inncognito and lastly Rafters. Some even recall it during its tenure as Roughts Skin Merchants.
[NEW] 07/11/2011
Updated section for all your Houghton Christmas needs and ideas, including Christmas cards, gifts, and calendars! AND NOW available, the exclusive Houghton-le-Spring Heritage Christmas Puddings - available in three flavours: Plum Pudding, Triple Chocolate, and Wild Strawberry & Clotted Cream!
[NEW] 06/11/2011
All articles relating to Houghton Parish Church have now been grouped together for ease of access, much like the other sections. Includes a newly updated article on the history of restoration in Houghton Parish Church, 1310 - 2011.
[NEW] 28/10/2011
A page all about Houghton's old postal inn, the Red Lion.
28/10/2011 09:10
Updated list of landlords for the Golden Lion.
[NEW] 26/10/2011
New cardcraft activity in the Houghton Heritage School Zone - build and decorate Bernard Gilpin's altar tomb.
18/10/2011 21:54
Time Line updated with details of Houghton Feast 2011 including Gavioli's 50th Houghton Feast, Turner's Waltzer's 30th Houghton Feast and more.
09/10/2011 09:10
Photos added of Billy Purvis the Clown at Houghton Feast 2011.
[NEW] 23/09/2011
Details of Houghton Heritage events for Houghton Feast 2011 now online!
15/09/2011 21:19
Time Line updated with more details from the history of Houghton Feast.
[NEW] 12/09/2011
Issue 4 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Free magazine full of Houghton articles, photographs and genealogy, including: Houghton Feast's 45th Parade; Heritage Open Days 2011; Family Tree Quests; Colliery Subsidence; Houghton Miners' Project; Houghton's Absent WWII Memorial; White's Mammorth Gavioli Organ; Billy Purvis the Clown; Photo Focus; Memories of Houghton Pit; A Taste of Houghton Recipe; Photos of Penshaw Monument's roof, Lambton Castle and Ryhope Pumping Station; Alf Roxby; and more!
[NEW] 02/09/2011
Located at 20 Nesham Place, now a private dwelling house.
[NEW] 02/09/2011
Stood at 22 Market Place but long since demolished.
[NEW] 01/09/2011
Time line of information about the Jolly Farmers Inn, formerly the Market Tavern, and latterly the Spring Inn.
[NEW] 29/08/2011
A new section all about the Earl of Durham Monument, or Pensher Monument as we call it.
27/08/2011 12:59
Updated with a photograph to show how the site looks now.
21/08/2011 23:08
Some names on Houghton's cenotaph have been expanded to include extra information about the war casualties.
[NEW] 19/08/2011
A new page featuring details of Houghton's War Casualties and their graves at Durham Road Cemetery.
[NEW] 19/08/2011
A plan of Houghton Cemetery, which opened on March 1st 1892, to assist those who may have ancestors buried in Houghton-le-Spring.
[NEW] 18/08/2011
A new section containing local recipes. Recipes get passed down from generation to generation - this is your chance to share your favourite local foods! The first batch includes: Pease Pudding; Leek & Potato Soup; and also a hint of Italia with Mr Riani's Poor Mans Soup!
17/08/2011 13:51
The Houghton Feast Ox Roasting: A Beef History is now available as an eBook for Kindle from Amazon.co.uk
07/08/2011 21:53
Houghton Colliery Time Line updated with extra information for 1857, 1874, 1877, 1878, 1885, 1891 and 1893. Including stikes, murders and explosions!
07/08/2011 16:43
Updated with details of: Houghton Feast fairground in the 1930s; Houghton Feast Races in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s; and White's Gavioli Organ in 1961.
05/08/2011 09:10
Updated with details of the Park's purchase by Houghton Urban District Council for 10,000 from the Church of England, plus new photographs.
31/07/2011 22:37
The Football section has been updated with a new photograph of Houghton Rovers AFC, from the 1911-1912 season. Can you identify any of the players?
[NEW] 30/07/2011
Another new page about one of Houghton's many public houses - the Lambton Arms, now known as Lambton House (retail units).
[NEW] 28/07/2011
Printable guide to the Wild Boar pub's sumptuously framed photographs of old Houghton, and pieces of artwork.
[NEW] 27/07/2011
Details of the 10 items recovered from Houghton Area Office before it was demolished in June 2011. Read page 6 of the 2nd issue of the Houghtonian to find out how Paul Lanagan alerted the authorities to the existence of these items.
[NEW] 20/07/2011
Issue 3 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Free magazine full of Houghton articles, photographs and genealogy, including: Houghton Lodge banner and plans for the site; Houghton's theatres' anniversaries; Houghton Kepier School's 21st birthday; and more!
[NEW] 11/06/2011
Details of the 2011 Heritage Walk and exhibitions as part of the Heritage Open Days (HODS) weekend, Saturday September 10th 2011.
10/06/2011 25:72
Demolition photos added, showing the old Council Offices being flattened. Work started on June 1st and the building was flattened by June 10th.
[NEW] 09/05/2011
Keep up-to-date with all the heritage news, connect with locals and ex pats on the Houghton Heritage Facebook Group. Facebook has recently changed how the group pages operate - join up now!
[NEW] 05/05/2011
See inside Houghton's newest pub, Wetherspoon's Wild Boar, named after the porcine on the Gilpin Crest.
[NEW] 01/05/2011
New section about the amalgamation of Mautland Street Primitive Methodist Church and Neasham Place United Methodist Church, plus details of William Street Wesleyan Church.
[NEW] 01/05/2011
See inside this little church which was built with bricks from air raid shelters in 1949
[NEW] 29/04/2010
Memories from Val Milnes who lived on Sunderland Street in the 1950s.
27/04/2011 14:58
Newbottle Street directory updated with details from the 1950s, as well as details for premises in Pottery Yard.
26/04/2011 19:31
Sunderland St directory updated with bankruptcies from the London Gazette.
23/04/2011 12:26
Updated page about collectible treasures relating to Houghton, including details of M. Sutheran Miner Water bottle; a Hartley's stoneware jam jar; Arcadian crested china field gun; and an old Victorian plate.
21/04/2011 09:10
Updated with details of the 'new' Rectory on Dairy Lane which was known as Clergy House, a curatage, and how Rector Gwilliam was initially only meant to live there temporarily.
21/04/2011 08:40
The two 1992 saplings from the original Gilpin Thorn have been removed from Rectory Park. Article updated about this ancient hawthorn.
[NEW] 17/04/2011
A page all about Houghton's oldest public house, the Golden Lion.
[NEW] 17/04/2011
Another new page about one of Houghton's 'Lion' pubs.
[NEW] 09/04/2011
Ever wondered where the Church clock came from in Houghton? Now you can find out when, how - and how much!
[NEW] 03/04/2011
Houghton's pubs and clubs organised in a new section for ease of access, plus a new article and photos of Houghton's newest pub, The Wild Boar on Frederick Place.
[NEW] 03/04/2011
New section about Houghton Rovers, Houghton Mechanics, Houghton Wednesday and other local football teams from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
03/04/2011 10:37
Sunderland St article updated with occupants from the 1911, plus new photograph of 25 Sunderland St, c1900
29/03/2011 19:53
Updated details of the role of Houghton Pipe Band at the Feast in 1981 and 1987, plus details of the floodlit Tatoo (1987 - 2002) and subsequent lantern parade (2003).
29/03/2011 14:14
Details of Joseph Stokoe added to 1881l he worked at the Colliery for over 50 years.
[NEW] 27/03/2011
Issue 2 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Free magazine full of Houghton articles, photographs and genealogy!
20/03/2011 14:26
Details added of the forthcoming demolition of Houghton Area Office.
20/03/2011 14:14
Extra details added about Houghton Lodge's circa 3 banners over the years - see 1872, 1965 and 2003.
04/03/2011 23:42
The various articles about aspects of Gilpin's life have now been grouped together for ease of access. Today is the 428th anniversary since Gilpin died.
[NEW] 26/02/2011
Special offer of free P&P plus a 1.00 donation to RND!
[NEW] 28/01/2011
Memories of the little school in the Market Place
28/01/2011 21:28
More resources added to Houghton Heritage's School Zone! Houghton Then & Now: School and Motor Cars.
[NEW] 22/01/2011
Can you help these folk with their Family Tree and ancestor quests?
[NEW] 17/01/2011
Issue 1 of Houghton-le-Spring's heritage magazine available to download now! Full of Houghton articles, photographs and genealogy!
08/01/2011 17:00
Sunderland St article updated with occupants in 1911
31/12/2010 17:00
100 Sunderland St updated as 'Le Spring House'
23/12/2010 19:47
Two new photographs of the school from c1910, showing the pupils dressed in costumes.
[NEW] 01/12/2010
New section for all your Houghton Christmas needs and ideas, including Christmas cards, gifts, and calendars!
[NEW] 01/12/2010
Exclusive calendar available now
07/11/2010 14:48
Updated: article about the Bernard Gilpin family crest, as adopted by Houghton, and now seen on the new signs on the A690
05/11/2010 16:35
Article updated - see Houghton's monster bonfire!
[NEW] 24/10/2010
A look at this building which has graced the Park grounds since 1968
24/10/2010 22:26
Houghton Rectory Park time line updated for new info on the old Gilpin Thorn.
24/10/2010 11:05
1905 Undertaker's advert added, and Wheatley's confectionery ditty from c1890s!
[NEW] 23/10/2010
A combined photograph looking across the chimney pots in the 1930s/40s.
23/10/2010 17:55
A rare copy of the VHS video, which Ken Richardson contributed to.
[NEW] 19/10/2010
Old documents, receipts and bill posters recovered about the old Hillside Cemetery.
[NEW] 19/10/2010
Information about the noteworthy burials and flora and fauna.
[NEW] 12/10/2010
Presented to Houghton for Victory Week' 1943 and 'Salute the Soldier Week' 1944.
[NEW] 12/10/2010
Details about Houghton's adopted Warship, HMS Wellard
12/10/2010 21:39
Opening dedication plaque from Council offices added
12/10/2010 20:52
New details/dates added for the Park's official opening in 1949 and the opening of the Council offices in 1968.
[NEW] 04/10/2010
Then & Now videos now online, showing the fair in 1954 and 2009.
[NEW] 28/09/2010
Free school resources about Houghton's Heritage now online! Including printables, wordsearches and history sources.
[NEW] 26/09/2010
3.00 off the Houghton Heritage book; special offer as part of Houghton Feast 10
25/09/2010 15:06
Updated page about collectible items and ornaments relating to Houghton. New details about a Bernard Gilpin pot from the 1900s.
[NEW] 19/09/2010
New section now includes expanded details of the individuals named on Houghton's cenotaph
[NEW] 19/09/2010
Article on the mysterious recurrence of the number 10 at this year's Houghton Feast!
11/09/2009 19:56
2010 programme details online now!
04/09/2010 17:23
Guidelines on how to share your Houghton-le-Spring photographs with Houghton Heritage.
[NEW] 01/09/2010
Details of the 2010 Heritage Walk and exhibitions as part of the Heritage Open Days weekend, Saturday September 11th 2010.
[NEW] 27/08/2010
Can you help to identify the Houghton locations in these rare photos from circa 1915?
[NEW] 26/08/2010
Details of the three Time Capsules interred in the lych gate at Houghton Hillside Cemetery
[NEW] 25/08/2010
A look at the water fountains which have graced the Rectory Park over the years
24/08/2010 20:03
The strange death of George Henry Taylor B.A., Headmaster of Kepier School, added to end of article
[NEW] 20/08/2010
New sub-section added to Articles for historic murders and killings in Houghton-le-Spring
[NEW] 20/08/2010
Moved into the churchyard c1858 but where is it now?
20/08/2010 16:30
Updated with details of the incompetent Master - see 1863/1864.
19/08/2010 16:43
Navigation amongst pages improved; various pages updated/amended.
16/08/2010 15:40
New photographs added of Houghton Infants School from 1908/1915, showing class II, IV, V and VI with their teachers.
[NEW] 15/08/2010
New vintage snow pics from the 1950s and 1970s added.
[NEW] 15/08/2010
Those smelly toilets on Vine Place are now gone...but not forgotten! But where do you now spend a penny when you're in Houghton?
[NEW] 12/08/2010
Names of the 101 individuals recorded on the Roll of Honour inside St Michael's Church
12/08/2010 12:06
More photographs added, including: Houghton Hall in the snow; and photos from the official opening of the YMCA in 1972.
11/08/2010 11:44
Unusual or noteworthy burials at Hillside Cemetery other than the well-known VIPs!
[NEW] 11/08/2010
New section added all about Houghton Hall, with dozens of unseen photographs being added over the next few days.
10/08/2010 11:26
Lots of photographs added of old Houghton-le-Spring, including Newbottle St, Sunderland St & Mautland St in the 1950s, widening of Houghton Cut, and Houghton Colliery.
[NEW] 09/08/2010
Over the next few days, pages are being switched from the houghtonheritage.co.uk server to the houghtonlespring.org.uk server. If your favourite page is missing, just visit the home page of www.houghtonlespring.org.uk and follow the usual links.
09/08/2010 18:04
Lots of new photographs online now, many showing the Cemetery flora and fauna, and snowy views!
09/08/2010 18:03
Updated with new photographs of the restored memorial.
01/08/2010 21:11
New details/dates added for Houghton Miners' Lodge plus new introduction text
28/07/2010 19:00
50 new names added!
28/07/2010 12:12
Updated Time line with details of the Duke of Gloucester's visit.
16/07/2010 16:41
THE HOPPINGS: NEWCASTLE'S TOWN MOOR FAIR, a new book by local historian Paul Lanagan
Available from: www.newcastle-hoppings.co.uk
[NEW] 04/07/2010
Names of the Chairmen of HUDC 1937 - 1974
04/07/2010 18:28
Updated with details from the 1970s
04/07/2010 18:27
Updated with details from the 1970s
04/07/2010 13:27
Time Line updated with details of its time as Houghton Big Club, plus photos
04/07/2010 12:25
Murder tour date confirmed as Sat Oct 16th 2010
[NEW] 23/05/2010
Memories from Harry Smith of this long demolished street
23/05/2010 14:19
Updated list of proprietors for Golden Lion, Black Lion, Red Lion and White Lion.
19/05/2010 20:24
Belated photographs from the book launch in February 2010.
15/05/2010 22:24
Updated article about Houghton's Workhouse. Time Line added.
16/05/2010 20:08
Rotary Rose Bed plaque details added
16/05/2010 18:37
Updated with new residents for 21 Church Street
16/05/2010 17:59
New information requests added.
01/05/2010 12:57
New photos of Houghton Hall's conversion into the Houghton-le-Spring YMCA in the 1970s.
28/04/2010 19:48
Rare used copy of the 2000 book in stock.
13/04/2010 23:58
Major Problems
This evening this website encountered major problems, with many pages refusing to re-upload; furthermore, dozens of files and images vanished and had to be relocated. If you discover any DEAD LINKS or MISSING IMAGES, please let us know.
28/03/2010 19:48
Rare used copy of the 1989 book in stock.
27/03/2010 15:40
New information for 1977 and 1978.
27/03/2010 15:39
Feast brochure covers for 1975 and 1978 added.
[NEW] 22/03/2010
Now available online as a digital download PDF.
22/03/2010 12:45
New Houghton book is now stocked by Houghton Co-Op, Mautland Square
22/02/2010 20:36
Journey Through Time DVD is now stocked by Brown's Newsagents in Newbottle
20/02/2010 00:01
New Houghton book will be stocked by Gilpin Press, Houghton, from Monday
15/02/2010 14:45
New Houghton book will be stocked by Hetton Picture Framing, Hetton-le-Hole
15/02/2010 12:03
New Houghton book will be stocked by Waterstones in The Bridges, Sunderland
[NEW] 14/02/2010
As remembered by Harry Smith - these have been a long time coming online - please take the time to have a good read
13/02/2010 17:20
New Houghton book will be stocked by E.D. & Y. Brown Newsagent, Newbottle
13/02/2010 11:21
New Houghton book will be stocked by M. Lilley Newsagent, Fencehouses
11/02/2010 16:08
New Houghton book will be stocked by the Colliery Row Post Office
08/02/2010 19:28
Come along to the book launch and get your copy signed!
[NEW] 25/01/2010
Available to pre-order now, released 18/02/10
07/12/2009 18:21
Rotary Centenary stone details updated
[NEW] 01/12/2009
Exclusive calendar available now
27/11/2009 20:30
Updated with many new businesses
27/11/2009 20:30
Updated with many new residents
27/11/2009 20:30
Updated with hundreds of new businesses
26/11/2009 20:52
New details/dates added
26/11/2009 20:51
New details/dates added
[NEW] 22/11/2009
A shop by house visit to this street - can you help fill in the many blanks? The article has been placed online early to help stimulate further information.
[NEW] 13/11/2009
Fabulous 3-D (anaglyph) photos of old Houghton.
10/11/2009 00:01
Fabulous new photos of Houghton Hall Social Club, Grayson & Kinmond's Butchers in Coxs Indoor Market, and 1950s Church Street
07/11/2009 22:27
Information about Houghton's WWI casualties starting to be added
05/11/2009 17:25
New Wartime photos of Houghton online
05/11/2009 16:35
Article updated
02/11/2009 19:22
Houghton commemorating the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII.
Ruth Scott, a supporter and contributor to this website, sadly passed away on October 29th 2009. Please re-visit her memories which were poignant, witty but very insightful.

Mining Village Memories

Silver Jack at Houghton Feast

[NEW] 29/10/2009
Collectible items and ornaments relating to Houghton.
29/10/2009 12:00
New information requests added.
[NEW] 28/10/2009
Article on this business and the Riani family members.
27/10/2009 14:25
Murder tour photos now online from Houghton Feast 2009
26/10/2009 11:05
New recollections of ghost added
18/10/2009 16:00
New photo of Houghton Colliery Mechanics Football team
17/10/2009 21:43
Further details of some of the old shops added
[NEW] 13/10/2009
A rare photo from 1942
13/10/2009 20:41
More vintage views of the choir singing from the tower top
13/10/2009 18:14
Article updated
08/10/2009 11:24
New photos online of folk on Sunderland Street
[NEW] 26/09/2009
Remembering one of Houghton's much respected Rectors
26/09/2009 11:24
New photo online of Church Street and the Market Place in the 1900s
24/09/2009 10:00
Updated with the new book's video trailer
[NEW] 22/09/2009
Entertainer at Houghton Feast 1818 - 1848 and returning in 2009!
[NEW] 22/09/2009
Commemorating 60 years of Community Hymn Singing at Houghton Feast
22/09/2009 01:28
2009 programme details online now, along with historical information
15/09/2009 21:52
New info for the 1880s
14/09/2009 19:00
790 new burial entry names added!
13/09/2009 19:35
A possible translation of the French message
10/09/2009 19:35
New photo of this demolished street added
06/09/2009 22:19
Lots of new facts added to the Houghton Colliery, Kepier School, Church Tower, and Church Excavations articles
[NEW] 04/09/2009
Commemorating 155 years of the old Hillside Cemetery
[NEW] 04/09/2009
Time line of noteworthy happenings at the old Kepier School
04/09/2009 16:39
New photo added of school football team from 1945
[NEW] 03/09/2009
Every page has been relocated to the new www.HoughtonHeritage.co.uk server
02/09/2009 22:39
Additional details added in about several Rectors
[NEW] 01/09/2009
Memories and information about Houghton during the War years
[NEW] 31/08/2009
Names of those who have supported this website
31/08/2009 17:48
New photo of Tram 12 destined for Houghton-le-Spring
[NEW] 24/08/2009
Paul Lanagan's weblog from 2004-2007
20/08/2009 16:33
Details from the 1970 programme added online - but do you have a copy you can donate to the collection?
[NEW] 19/08/2009
Can you translate this French visitor's message from 1908?
[NEW] 19/08/2009
A shop by shop visit to this street - can you help fill in the blanks?
19/08/2009 14:23
Ancient illustration of the Church added to the article.
17/08/2009 20:21
Various articles updated with new info including: Trams, Colliery, Church Street and Rectort Park.
[NEW] 16/08/2009
Plus memories of Newbottle Street School and the Outram Street Coronation party in 1953
15/08/2009 12:42
New details for the 1828 explosion added
13/08/2009 19:59
New photo of Outram Street's Coronation Party in 1953
13/08/2009 19:50
New photos online of Rectory Park, the Gilpin Thorn, Houghton Cut and the Quay on Church Street
13/08/2009 19:29
New photos from 1949
13/08/2009 00:26
New photo of North Row and Hawthorn Street added
[NEW] 11/08/2009
Memories of this children's home, 1943 - 1951, which was just off Sunderland Street
11/08/2009 21:15
Updated with new names following discovery of details of crimes and punishments for a few inmates
[NEW] 06/08/2009
The old school on Newbottle St 1908 - 1993
[NEW] 04/08/2009
Article about death in Houghton's Poor house
[NEW] 04/08/2009
A mystery about when the Stands caught fire
04/08/2009 14:39
New photos of Hillside Cemetery, Durham Road Cemetery and the FA Cup passing through Houghton
28/07/2009 18:11
New photos of the Presbyterian Church
28/07/2009 14:08
Photos/info on each house added
[NEW] 27/07/2009
Names of Houghton Grammar School old boys killed during WW2
[NEW] 27/07/2009
A new murder mystery for Sheila Quigley & Paul Lanagan's Homicide in Houghton
[NEW] 27/07/2009
Historical details for this pub
27/07/2009 13:47
New information requests added
12/07/2009 16:37
New photos of the Park and Gilpin Thorn c1949
10/07/2009 00:00
Houghton Feast book now in stock
01/07/2009 22:08
New photos of the cenotaph
24/06/2009 14:19
New story about shortage of burial space
[NEW] 15/06/2009
A house by house visit to this old street
[NEW] 08/06/2009
Forged in Houghton-le-Spring, circa 1869
07/06/2009 19:53
Details of Houghton Aged Miners' Homes added
06/06/2009 17:39
New photos of Church & Sunderland St
29/05/2009 00:00
Houghton DVD now available from the Old Bank
27/05/2009 14:19
New story about youth volunteering
25/05/2009 21:43
New photo of 1973 restoration work
24/05/2009 11:20
New photo of Houghton Rovers football team
20/05/2009 19:03
New info on Feast Races and Flag
17/05/2009 13:41
New photos added of Houghton in early 1900s
17/05/2009 13:41
New photo of Houghton footballer 1913
10/05/2009 10:30
New photos of Sheila Quigley added
28/04/2009 17:58
New photo added of Houghton in 1932
26/04/2009 22:12
Details for 1702 and 1837 added
26/04/2009 20:36
1315 - John Sayer fell from it and died!
26/04/2009 19:10
New info for 1850 added - a stolen horse!
26/04/2009 17:35
New dates/image added
26/04/2009 13:24
Images updated
26/04/2009 13:24
Article relocated
25/04/2009 21:26
New recollections of ghost added
25/04/2009 21:16
Time line updated with new facts
20/04/2009 18:15
New fact for 1895
17/04/2009 22:47
Cause of death: decapitated by a train
17/04/2009 21:19
New fact for 1905
17/04/2009 12:17
Additional information and page layout
16/04/2009 15:21
New photos added
15/04/2009 22:39
Minor additions to the 1980s
15/04/2009 22:39
Minor updates
14/04/2009 17:45
Minor updates


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The Gilpin Crest as found on a road sign in Houghton-le-Spring

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