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Can you help solve this Houghton-le-Spring mystery? because canny Bernard Gilpin is in knots over it!

Can your memory help solve this mystery?


Can anyone identify this recently unearthed photograph, thought to be Houghton-le-Spring, around 1915?

Could this be the Royal Kepier Grammar School, which was covered in ivy at that time, and the Almshouses (right), located behind St Michael's Church?

If you have any thoughts, let us know!

Is this a view of the Royal Kepier Grammar School and Almshouses in 1915?

Another tricky photograph needing to be identified, from circa 1915.

Does this show the old Tithe Barn, which was used as a Rectory 1948 - 2005, with the original Rectory to the right, and Table Rock in the background?

A view of the Rectory and Dairy Lane in 1915?

If so, this would have been taken from the area that is now the large playing fields of Houghton Kepier School.

Wherever it is, the cows in the foreground seem to be having a rest in the shade!

An even trickier photograph, from around 1915. Is this Houghton-le-Spring?

Could that be the wall of the Rectory gardens, in the days long before it became a public park?

Where is this wall in Houghton?  Could it be the wall of the Rectory gardens?

Is this the garden of 22 Sunderland Street?

Ellen Watson nee Gibson who lived at 22 Sunderland Street, her family's butchers shop.

Is this the back garden of the property?

Does anybody recognise the roofline?

If you have any thoughts, let us know!

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Article and research by Paul Lanagan, local historian

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With thanks to Allison Wright for sharing the photographs.



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