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The Story of
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1914 to 2002

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Fencehouses, Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, Co Durham

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TITLE: The Story of Dubmire Junior School 1914 - 2002

ISBN: 0-9543253-1-1


BINDING: Paperback

LIMITED EDITION, featuring rare vintage photos

Remaining copies available at: www.amazon.co.uk | Purchase from this website

This book is a small glimpse into the well-known Fence Houses landmark – Dubmire School. The school has had several names since its official 1914 opening, including Dubmire Council School, Dubmire Mixed School and the better known Dubmire Junior School.

The school has survived the wear and tear of school life for over 88 years and has even withstood the bombs and warplanes of WWII as some of the memories contained herein show. Nobody seems to know what the future holds for the old building; whether it will be demolished or reused by the community remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: the school will be remembered for a long time to come!

Featuring photos from 1914 to the present day, the book is an excellent reminder for pupils and staff who have passed through the corridors of the old building.


Witches hats air vents

A air vent, known as a 'witches hat' to Dubmire School pupils, shown here prior to demolition.


The front of Dubmire School in 2002

A full frontal view of the old Dubmire School building in 2002.

Dubmire Junior School - click to enlarge
Click to see a larger plan of the old Dubmire School



Demolishing the old Dubmire School

The school building being reduced to rubble. How many former pupils would have loved to do this job? How many people would have liked to have seen the building re-used for the community?


Demolishing Dubmire School

Gone for good, along with the infamous wooden floor, period brass hinges, vintage cloakrooms and large heavyset doors.

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Dubmire School then and now
The east front view of the building, before and during demolition.


Dubmire School Then & Now
The west front view of the building, before and during demolition. The alarm bell on the far right of the wall can be seen in both photos.

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Balloons released at the official opening

Balloon release.


The entertainment



The new plaque

New plaque.


Balloons released at the official opening



An old boy of the school

A former pupil.


Balloons released at the official opening

Time capsule.


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The original Dubmire Junior School logo

The school logo was designed by pupil Sarah Davidson in the 1980s.


The new school logo

The new school logo was an amalgamation of the old Junior and Infant school logos.


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With thanks to everyone who helped with the Story of Dubmire Junior School book back in 2002, and in particular, head teacher Mrs J Hobbs, for co-operation and assistance.






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School photos of Dubmire Junior School in Fencehouses Dubmire Primary School is on Britannia Terrace, Fencehouses, Fence Houses, High Dubmire
Foreword by Kathy Dobson, Dubmire School clerk 1968 – 2002 Joseph Smith Oliver and Martha Knighton class photo, 1914 County of Durham Education Committee. This school was opened on 30 March 1914 by J.Forster Esq CC Wartime memories from Alan Vickers, Dubmire School pupil 1940 – 1944 British Legion Hall, billeted soldiers from Scotland Greta Moore’s photos of the Infants department class photo in 1921 Miss Hardy, Miss Robson, headteacher, Miss Bulmer. Sunderland District Electric Tramways powerlines can be seen in the background. Dubmire pupils at the Coronation of King George VI in 1937. Class photo with Mr Greenwell and Mr Smith. Memories from George Henderson, Duvmire pupil 1946 – 1952, remembering the headmaster Tom Greenwell. Memories from Anne Wilson nee Robinson, Dubmire School pupil 1944 – 1951, remembering cleaners Jackie Brown from Britannia Terrace, also remembers her first day at Dubmire and Mr Farrow, headmaster. Class 3 at Dubmire Junior Mixed School in 1950. Class 4 at Dubmire Junior Mixed School in 1950. Harvest Festival display at Dubmire School in 1951. Dubmire Junior School clock was removed in July 2002. Memories from Barry Jones, Dubmire School pupil 1952 – 1958: his father, Elwyn Taffy Jones, was on the Coronation Committee with Michael Doyle and Donald Cockburn. Presented by Fence Houses Coronation Committee ERII 2nd June 1953 Chairman Ald. M.Doyle Memories from Alan Oliver of teacher Miss Galley, 1945 – 1951. Dubmire School football team in the 1957 – 1958 season. Mr Reed, Roy Garland, Ronnie Curry, Dennis Elliott, Alan Greenwell, John Guy and Mr Smith, Mr Greenwell, headteacher, Richard Curry, Kevin Carr, Raymond Richardson, Billy Harkness, Charlie Hill, John Gardner, and Mr Cooper.Brian Watt, Kenny Fearnley, Joe Walkt and Geoffrey Linsley. Christmas at Dubmire in 1961 with Mr Cooper, Mrs Roberts and a lot of well know Fencehouses faces. Dubmire School and surrounds in 1963. 1970 – 1971 football team. A class with Mr Wilson in 1985 and Helen Corfield. Memories from Paul Lanagan, Dubmire School pupil 1988 – 1992, remembering Mr Wilson and Jean Val the lollipop ladies. Some well know teachers in 1986: Mr Charlton, Mr Armstrong, Mr Wheatley, Mr Wilson, Mrs Hindhaugh, Mrs Luff, Mr Dodds, headteacher, Mrs Lumsley and Mrs Crowe. Dubmire School’s nonteaching staff: Mrs Humes, Hilda Jones, Sheila Colling and Mrs Braines, music teacher. Memories from Sheila Colling, lunchtime supervisor 1986 – 1994. Memories from Jemma Walls, Dubmire Primary School, class J12, 2003 Mrs Lumsley’s class in 1990. Mrs Crowe’s class in 1991. The new Dubmire Primary School being built in June 2002. A final view of the new school in early 2003. Dubmire Primary School is on Britannia Terrace, Fencehouses, Fence Houses, High Dubmire