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The Houghton Heritage School Zone website was inspired by Ruth Beattie, a Houghton teacher who enthusiastically ensures that her pupils learn the history of Houghton Feast every year.

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History of Penshaw Monument including a time line of events


The Earl of Durham Monument, known locally as Penshaw Monument on Penshaw Hill, was inspired by the Theseion, Temple of Hephaestus. It was built in 1844 out of gritstone. Find our more below.
[HISTORY 1840 - 2011]

Tragedy at Penshaw Monument when a young lad fell from the top in April 1926


On Easter Monday, April 5th 1926, Temperley Arthur Scott, a 16 year old boy from Fatfield, was killed when he fell from the top of Pensher Monument; public access to the loft ceased until 2011.

Historic graffiti as engraved into Penshaw Monument's stoneowork plus transcriptions of the engravings on the Monument


Penshaw Monument is covered in historic graffiti which is engraved into its stoneowork. This document features transcriptions of the engravings, the earliest of which dates from at least 1925.