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Can you help solve this Houghton-le-Spring mystery? because canny Bernard Gilpin is in knots over it!

Can your memory help solve these two mysteries?


Can anyone identify this grand looking house?

It was featured on a photograph which was sent from Fence Houses on June 14th 1904 to The Rev Edgar Jackson at St Peter's Church Vicarage, Jarrow. The sender was an S Potts, who wrote:
Rev Sir, I will see that you get the eggs you require while you are here, yours best, ? Potts.

My initial thoughts were that the house looks as though it is on Black Boy Road, Chilton Moor, but I subsequent investigations proved this was not the case.

Where is this mysterious Houghton-le-Spring house?

This particular mystery has been the most discussed on the Houghton Heritage Society Facebook group.


Can anyone identify the location of this garden and property?

The photo shows a house and garden in around 1911. The outline of Penshaw Monument in the distance can be seen on the original photo.

If you stand outside of the old Dubmire School site in Fencehouses, you can see Penshaw Monument at a similar size.... could the garden by in this area or in alignment with the school?

Where is this mysterious Houghton-le-Spring garden?

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Article and research by Paul Lanagan, local historian

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