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Can you help solve this Houghton-le-Spring mystery? because canny Bernard Gilpin is in knots over it!

Can you help solve this mystery?


Hello. I have an antique cabinet that says it was made by John Lishman of (Houghton) Le Spring in 1907. The info is written in pencil on the bottom of the drawer. The carving on the cabinet is very intricate and ornate.

I bought it several years ago from someone that received it as a wedding gift form her parents, who bought it in an antique store. I have no idea how it came to America.

Do you have any information about that?

I very much appreciate your helping me with the history. If anything else pops up, please let me know.

Have a great day Paul.

Heidi Andress
Vemont, USA

Marjorie Edger marries Bob Chisholm in August 1959

Paul Lanagan replied: John Lishman was indeed a well known Houghton man. His Coliseum Theatre opened on 27th July 1921. He had owned the shop opposite (now McKays clothing) and sold it to Doggart's dept store. He apparently started to build it in 1919, and it is said that as it took him so long to build, that the freshly chopped wooden scaffolding poles had started to grow! Thank you for sharing this mystery.

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Article and research by Paul Lanagan, local historian

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