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Memories from J.Lumley
Collected & Edited by Paul Lanagan, 2009
Memories relate to 1945

My mother was cook for Rector Hugh Ashdown (incumbent 1943 - 1948) at the Rectory house, which is where the Council offices now stand.

The Broadway in front of St Michael's Church - a popular meeting place

When I was 16 years old there was a long mall opposite the Church, where everyone used to meet friends – boy friends and girl friends. We needn’t have a date; just walk along the Church front and there were always friends we knew to have a night out with. Copyright © Books of the North 2009.

The Coliseum Theatre on Newbottle Street, early 1900s

It was the most popular meeting place. Saturday was always busy with people going to the dog track or choosing which film to see at one of the three picture houses – the Coliseum, the Grand, or the Empire.

There were three ice cream parlours in Houghton – Dimambros, where most Catholics gathered after having visited Church; then there was Jaconellis and Rianis, so plenty to choose for a natter. There were no punch-ups like you see today.

To me that wall was a monument of very happy memories, never to be forgotten!
Copyright © Books of the North 2009.

Mrs June Lumley, 2009


Collected & Edited by
Article and research by Paul Lanagan, local historian

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