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The old address was www.houghtonlespring.org.uk/schools - but this is now used for info about Houghton's old schools.
Houghton Heritage Society hopes to create a new school-friendly website, full of local history and heritage resources for you to use. This will cost us an estimated 1,000. If you can help with fundraising, a letter of support, or even suggestions of what you would like, please contact us. Thank you.


Houghton Feast School Resources

Houghton Feast 2014 Logo Competition
Design a new logo for the Houghton Feast 2014 brochure

Billy Purvis Colour In
Decorate this famous Victorian clown

Feast Limerick
Can you come up with a witty poem?

Houghton Feast Wordsearch
Can you find the 15 hidden words?

Houghton Feast Ox Colour In
How the Elizabethan ox roasting may have looked

Houghton Feast 1845 v 1995
Comparing Houghton Feast posters of 1845 and 1995

Feast Fact Sheet 1: Fairgrounds
Information about the Feast's fairgrounds

Feast Fact Sheet 2: Ox Roasting
Questions and answers about the traditional ox roasting

Feast Fact Sheet 3: Hymn Singing
How thousands of would gather outdoors to sing hymns at the Feast

Feast Fact Sheet 4: Houghton Feast 10
Information about the unusual date of the Feast 10/10/10

Feast Fact Sheet 5: Carnival Parade
Information about the unusual date of the Feast 10/10/10


Houghton Colliery School Resources

Miners Safety Lamp
Cardcraft activity - paint and build your own Olympic themed miners lamp


Houghton Church School Resources and Bernard Gilpin School Resources

Houghton Church Colour In
Colouring activity - colour in Houghton Parish Church and its Jubilee flags

Build Bernard Gilpin's Tomb
Cardcraft activity - paint and build Gilpin's tomb in Houghton Parish Church


Resources showing what Houghton was like in the old days compared to now

Houghton: Then & Now
The differences and similarites between then and now

Kepier Grammar School: A Letter Home, 1910
Write your own letter home from the Head Master - based on a real letter!


Houghton Hillside Cemetery School Resources

Hillside Cemetery Fact Sheets
Information about the noteworthy burials at Hillside Cemetery, suitable for KS3

Hillside Cemetery Maths Trail
A printable maths trail for you to take with you on your visit to the Cemetery KS2/KS3

Hillside Cemetery Wordsearch
Can you find the words related to the Hillside Cemetery?


Your work...

Diamond Jubilee Tree Planting
Houghton Heritage Society and pupils from Burnside Primary School planted trees as part of the Diamond Jubilee Woods project

Bread Giving 1912 & 2012
Burnside Primary School recreates the 1912 giving of bread to the starving children of Houghton's striking miners

Houghton Feast Reports 2010
By Year 3 at Burnside Primary School



Houghton Feast School Resources inspired by...
This section of the Houghton Heritage website was inspired by Ruth Beattie, a Houghton teacher who enthusiastically ensures that her pupils learn the history of Houghton Feast every year.

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