Cover of the booklet 'Houghton Feast - 10 Facts About the Feast'

Houghton Feast: 10 Facts About the Feast

A commemorative book looking at Houghton-le-Spring's ancient annual festival, Houghton Feast, which has been held every October since the 1100s.

The book features 10 facts and glorious colour and sepia photographs of the festival, acknowledging the unusual date of the 2010 event, which was held on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th - October 10th 2010.

Featuring a foreword by Mr Houghton Feast himself, Councillor John Mawston.

ISBN: 0955505925
ISBN-13: 978-0955505928
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I received your book just before we went, many thanks. There are some very interesting photographs you managed to source, and I was also interested in the history of the event. It never occured to me that the lake ground could actually once have been a lake, I presumed that there was a lake near by. The 1908 view of the Market Place shows Relph and Pedley's switchback behind the gallopers, and in the foreground the dobby with Grand South African on the rounding boards is a ride that appears on several photos but I have never found out who it belonged to. The 1949 photo is interesting as it shows Murphy's Waltzer with the small front in original decoration, also amazing how they used to pack the living vans in behiond the stalls. The ark in the 1963 photo is the ex Sam Crow Swanee ride, by then owned by Nobles, and the gallopers on the right are Sheerans, later Screeton Bros, and John Armitage.