In 2008, Richard Rose, 81, cast his mind back to one of Houghton’s three ice cream parlours which he frequented in the 1940s and 1950s:

“In around 1936 the Royal Oak Inn pub was demolished and Moors Stores and Jaconelli’s opened on the site. It was ran by Mr Diamond Jaconelli and his wife, with help from their two daughters, Sylvia and Deloris. They were all very nice people. It had a front room and room at the back which was up two or three steps. They used to play records in the back room on a portable gramophone. You could also get hot drinks like Bovril, oxo and coffee for a penny or tuppence. You could sit there and get to know each other.”

Richard recalled an incident during World War II which saw Mr Jaconelli change jobs:

“Mr Jaconelli was interned during the War for flashing lights during an air riad in Houghton. He was let out but had to work at Houghton Pit, a bit like a Bevin boy if you like.”

Jaconelli’s building was demolished and Woolworths was built on the site.

Jaconelli’s also had an ice cream van which used to go around the district selling ices and chocolate bars.


Article coming soon! If you have memories of visiting Riani's, Jaconelli's or Dimambro's, or photographs of the shops, please get in touch.


Paul Lanagan, local historian






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