Alan Vickers is clear in remembering which of Houghton’s ice cream parlours was his favourite on his visits from after the end of WWII when ice cream became available until about 1949 when Alan left school and started work:

“Dimambro’s was in the Broadway. It was the second shop along from the cross roads, travelling towards Durham or Hetton. First there was a small office for the Inspectors of the Sunderland District Bus Company, then a sweet shop owned by Mrs Steele, then Dimambro’s. It was noted to be the best ice cream of the three in Houghton. There were a series of cubicles, each had a table and bench seats so that you could sit in and have an ice cream or coffee. I used to go to Dimambro’s, as it was the nearest one to the bus stop to and from Fence Houses.”

This parlour was known as Dimi’s.

It may have been taken over by Minchellas.


Article coming soon! If you have memories of visiting Riani's, Jaconelli's or Dimambro's, or photographs of the shops, please get in touch.


Paul Lanagan, local historian






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